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    Shandong antiseptic wood has a wide range of uses, with various colors and patterns. It is widely used both outdoors and at home. Some families spread the wood floor made of antiseptic wood on the balcony, and then plant several pots of flowers to form a simple and beautiful family garden. However, the balcony is generally not covered by the ceiling, so it is easy to be exposed to the sun and rain. How to maintain the wooden floor laid outdoors has become a difficult problem. Now, the anti-corrosion wood manufacturer will teach you how to maintain the outdoor anti-corrosion wood floor. I hope the methods we provide can help you!
    During the use of outdoor and indoor wood floors, it is important not to use hard objects or knives that are easy to damage the paint film to scrape away the hard stains on the floor surface. Rough, heavy and hard objects shall be avoided from being scratched by sharp objects and hard objects, and shall not be dragged on the wooden floor. When placing tables and chairs, put protective pads on the landing place. The basic work of moisture-proof should be done before the floor is paved. During installation, do not use plywood and batten with high moisture content, and pave the moisture-proof course. During daily cleaning, do not use a wet mop to mop the floor. If water is sprinkled carelessly, wipe it with a soft cloth in time to keep it dry.
    The use of wooden floor should avoid the following problems: 1. The rain drenched wooden floor is water repellent in nature. In case of rain, the floor surface will change color and crack. Pay attention to prevent rain.
    If the ponding on the floor surface is not treated in time, it will cause discoloration, water stains, cracks and other phenomena. Wipe it timely to keep it dry.
    The above is a detailed introduction about Shandong antiseptic wood, and I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide you with our attitude http://www.newpaltzjournal.com
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