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    Wooden structure of wooden house
    Wood is a natural biological material, which is easy to rot, moth and crack. The serious harm to Z is biological decay and insect damage. They will cause harm in the process of processing and use. In particular, the wooden product facilities used in the open air are vulnerable to fungus, insects and other biological hazards and will be eaten or rotted. In serious cases, the loss of use value will cause significant economic losses. The antiseptic wood has overcome its defects and has the following advantages:
    1. Z-superiority
    At present, CCA and ACQ's antiseptic wood looks green and green, which can make all kinds of beautiful urban construction wood products. In the construction of urban parks, real estate communities, urban landscapes, small wooden bridges, wooden pavilions, wooden pavilions, water side wooden stacks, wooden fences, flower troughs, and outdoor chairs made of antiseptic wood embellish urban construction, making people warm and realizing their dream of returning to nature, Preserved wood has Z advantage;
    2. Persistence
    The process of antiseptic wood treatment is to apply oxide preservatives into the wood tissue cells through vacuum pressurization, and tightly combine with the wood tissue. In this state, the medicament is no longer dissolved in water and released, which makes the antiseptic wood have the durability of antisepsis, insect prevention and ant prevention even when exposed to harsh environment;
    Antiseptic wood floor
    3. Cleanliness
    The antiseptic wood does not need oil, has no smell, and the antiseptic will not separate out, and will not pollute the surrounding environment. It is a beautiful and clean wood for indoor and outdoor decoration;
    4. Easy to install
    防腐木材便于機械加工造型施工輕便,安裝迅速且維護方便,也可使用所有傳統的木器涂料,就其使用壽命而言,不使用表層涂料也可以,更是一種親切的自然美,建設周期短,可移動性強。施工不大受天氣變化影響,成本風險相應較少。 我國防腐木行業已開始進入快速成長期,我們也希望建筑園林設計單位,嚴格執行《木結構設計規范》,建筑工程質量監督部門,也要加強建筑木結構質量監督,為防腐木在建筑園林中的廣泛應用創造良好氛圍,使防腐木真正成為我國建筑園林木結構的新寵。
    Anticorrosive wood is convenient for mechanical processing, modeling and construction, and convenient for installation and maintenance. All traditional wood coatings can also be used. In terms of service life, it can also be used without surface coating. It is a kind of friendly natural beauty, with short construction period and strong mobility. The construction is not greatly affected by weather changes, and the cost risk is relatively small. The anticorrosive wood industry in China has begun to enter a rapid growth period. We also hope that the architectural landscape design units will strictly implement the Code for Design of Wood Structures, and the quality supervision departments of construction projects will also strengthen the quality supervision of architectural wood structures to create a good atmosphere for the wide application of anticorrosive wood in architectural gardens, so that the anticorrosive wood will truly become the new favorite of architectural landscape wood structures in China.
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