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    Installation method and
    With the growing wealth of life, people are more and more willing to spend money on the decoration of outdoor terraces. The rustic style terraces have a sense of being paved with antiseptic wood floors. Anticorrosive wood is very common in today's living environment. Anticorrosive wood is generally used in outdoor landscape or flower racks, flower pots, wooden trestles, platforms, balconies, etc. Although the anti-corrosion wood is good, if there is no correct installation method and regular maintenance, the service life of the anti-corrosion wood will not be long. Here are some installation methods and maintenance plans for anti-corrosion wood.
    1. Outdoor wood shall be dried in the shade to the same degree as the humidity of the external environment. Large deformation and cracking will occur after using wood with large water content for construction and installation.
    2. At the construction site, the antiseptic wood shall be stored in a ventilated manner, and the sun exposure shall be avoided as far as possible.
    3. At the construction site, the existing size of anti-corrosion wood shall be used as far as possible. If on-site processing is required, all cuts and holes shall be fully painted with corresponding preservatives to ensure the service life of anti-corrosion wood.
    4. When building the terrace, try to use long boards to reduce joints, so as to look beautiful; A 5mm 10mm gap shall be left between the plates.
    5. All connections shall be made of galvanized connectors or stainless steel connectors and hardware products to prevent corrosion. * * Different metal parts cannot be used, or they will rust quickly and cause fundamental damage to the wooden structure.
    6. In the process of fabrication and perforation, electric drill shall be used to drill holes first, and then screws shall be used to fix them, so as to avoid man-made cracking.
    7. Although the treated wood can prevent bacteria, mildew and termite attack, we still recommend that you apply wood protective paint on the surface of the wood after the completion of the project and after the wood is dried or air dried. When using outdoor wood * * paint, it should be noted that * * should be fully shaken, and it needs to be sunny for 24 hours after painting to make the paint film on the wood surface.
    The above is a detailed introduction about Shandong antiseptic wood, and I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide you with our attitude http://www.newpaltzjournal.com
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