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    In view of the characteristics of biomass based wood adhesive in its production, storage and application, wood adhesive preservatives meet the following basic requirements:
    ① Broad spectrum. Anti mildew and anti-corrosion effect is obvious, with less dosage, lasting effect and wide application range;
    ② Good compatibility. After addition, it will not react with other components of the adhesive, and will not affect the storage, sizing and use performance of the adhesive;
    ③ Strong stability. It is non volatile, non sublimating, heat resistant, light resistant, and chemical resistant, and does not change itself;
    ④ Environmental protection. Non-toxic, tasteless, not harmful to health, not polluting the environment; ⑤ It is cheap and easy to use.
    Antiseptic wood floor
    It includes some water-soluble metal double salts. The water-soluble preservatives mainly include copper chromium arsenic (CCA), copper chromium boron (CCB), fluorochrome phenol arsenic (FCAP), ammonia soluble copper arsenate (ACA), acid copper chromate (ACC), CCA, AZCA, ammoniated copper citrate (ACC), etc. These preservatives have been widely used, among which the usage of CCA is large, accounting for about 60% of the usage of water-soluble preservatives. This type of preservative is the main preservative for most building and household materials. In order to make this kind of preservative more effective, reduce the toxicity to people and increase the safety of the environment, it is often used in the vacuum pressurization method.
    Scaly pine: produced in Russia; The wood is light yellow or reddish, with uniform structure, straight and beautiful texture, luster, soft material, good strength and impact resistance, low resin, clear and beautiful surface texture, green color after anti-corrosion treatment, and uniform appearance of Jinan anti-corrosion wood Z.
    Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica: The fine grained Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica in Russia has become one of the woods with many uses due to its few resins, fine and beautiful texture, high material strength, and good bending and abrasion resistance. Because of its rich resources and low price, it is second only to the Nordic Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, and has become the wood of architectural landscape in China.
    Qingsong: It is an important tree species in the Southwest Plateau of China, with obvious difference between heartwood and sapwood, medium thick structure, high density in pine, good hardness and wear resistance, and is one of the ideal anti-corrosion materials.
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