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    Matters needing attention before construction of ancient pavilion
    1. When the excavated soil reaches the design elevation, the rammer can be used to compact the plain soil, and the anticorrosive wood ancient building corridor can meet the design requirements for the compactness of the plain soil.
    2. During foundation excavation, 10-20cm surplus soil shall be reserved for mechanical excavation and manual excavation.
    3. When the excavation is too deep, soil cannot be used for backfilling.
    Secondly, the classification of ancient pavilions:
    1. According to the different materials used, it is generally divided into wooden pavilion, pavilion, pavilion, brick, stone, bamboo pavilion, and pavilion type copper
    2. According to the different scope of application, it is generally divided into garden pavilion, pavilion, pavilion and other leisure plazas, pavilion rain, etc
    3. It is generally divided into single-layer and double pavilions according to the number of floors.
    Wooden pavilions are common in the form of wooden framed glazed tile roofs and wooden glazed tile roofs. The former is unique to architecture and temple religious architecture. It is magnificent and colorful. The latter is dominated by China's classical pavilions and pavilions, either simple and solemn, or elegant and elegant, all over the country. It is a representative form of China's classical pavilions.
    Stone pavilion refers to the pavilion made of stone, which is built on the roadside for pedestrians to rest, enjoy the cool or view the scenery. The stone pavilion is small in size and rigorous in plan. From the point umbrella pavilion, from simple to huge, it is basically a number of regular shapes, or combined and deformed, without walls.
    Maoting is the ancestor of all kinds of pavilions, which originates from real life. The rest sheds and waterwheel sheds along the mountain roads for shelter are the original form of Maoting. This kind of arbor is usually made of logs to form beams and columns, or covered with grass or bark. Because it retains its natural color and has the meaning of mountains, forests and springs, it is appreciated by elegant people.
    As bamboo is not durable and lasts for a short time, there are very few bamboo pavilions coming down. Nowadays, bamboo pavilions are mostly built by binding and nailing and riveting. While some bamboo pavilions, beams, columns and other structural members are still made of wood, wrapped with bamboo pieces to imitate bamboo shape, and their drinking and sitting stools, rafters, tiles, etc. are all made of bamboo, which is both solid and easy to repair.
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