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    Guardrails are often installed at the periphery of some villas or public places. In addition to the iron guardrails made of iron materials, the wooden guardrails are more common. However, we all know that although the performance of wood is stable and environmentally friendly, the corrosion protection effect in the later period is not very satisfactory, and even the service life will be greatly reduced due to the corrosion of rain, Therefore, consumers are more inclined to choose anti-corrosion wood fences similar to those mentioned below.
    Anticorrosive wood fence is a kind of landscape wood art, which is surrounded by buildings in form and is the guardian of buildings. The wooden fence is divided in the middle, which is used to divide the organizational space, and also has the function of enclosing, marking and setting the scene. It can be twined with plants in a variety of forms - from the appearance, there are high and low, straight, virtual and real. It is wonderful to be surrounded without being stuffy and separated from each other.
    As the name implies, antiseptic wood is a kind of wood material with antiseptic function, which is specially designed for outdoor harsh environment. It can resist insects, water, corrosion, cold and high temperature. It can be used in both the south and the north. At the same time, antiseptic wood is also very eco-friendly and easy to install, which can be well combined with the garden landscape. After all, it is a natural material.

    The antiseptic wooden fence is a form of expression of the wooden structure of the garden landscape. The wooden fence that appears early is an obstacle that people set up to raise various livestock. Nowadays, the antiseptic wooden fence is used outdoors in different appearance forms and becomes an indispensable part of the landscape. The application of anti-corrosion wood in outdoor landscape can be said to be very common and extensive. The anti-corrosion wood can not only be used as floor, plank, flower rack, wallboard, fence, outdoor furniture, but also be used to build anti-corrosion wooden houses, which is really too extensive. Compared with metal and other smooth materials, wooden materials can always give people a warm and soft feeling, and can present a very natural and textured landscape effect.
    Wooden fence surrounds the building in form, and it is the guardian of the building. The outdoor anti-corrosion wooden fence has the functions of partition and division of organizational space, as well as enclosure, identification and landscape setting. It can be twined with plants in a variety of forms - from the aesthetic point of view, there are high and low, straight, virtual and real. Surround without being stuffy; The beauty lies in the scenery.
    The above is a detailed introduction of Shandong antiseptic wood, and I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide you with our attitude http://www.newpaltzjournal.com
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