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    As a container for collecting flowers and plants, flower boxes are set up in beautiful places for viewing, and can also be combined with pavilions, corridors, waterside pavilions, etc. to form a harmonious and beautiful garden landscape. The multi dimension of the flower box highlights the penetration of the levels, and the uneven points, lines and surfaces are harmonious and unified.
    The anti-corrosion wooden flower box is a very common and commonly used type of flower box. The anti-corrosion wood has many colors, wide selection of wood grain, clear wood grain and beautiful color. It uses natural wood as raw material, through antiseptic treatment and pressure treatment, so that the treated wood has the properties of mildew resistance, corrosion resistance, insect resistance and ant resistance, and the stability of the wood is also strengthened. Because of its various styles, beautiful colors, relatively low cost of materials, and good anti-corrosion and moisture-proof effect, it is a relatively mature manufacturing technology at present.
    Wooden flower box 
    In order to maintain the outdoor service life of the anti-corrosion wooden flower box, waterproof cloth is usually placed inside the flower box to prevent the soil and water from being exposed from the gap between the anti-corrosion trees after watering. However, it should be noted that the wood oil should be brushed on the anti-corrosion wooden flower boxes and they should be taken care of regularly. At the same time, drainage function shall be provided at the bottom. The flower box with antiseptic wood guardrail is antiseptic and mothproof, and can also be placed outdoors to become a beautiful scene on the city road.
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