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    Anticorrosive wood can directly contact the soil layer and wet environment, and is often used for anti-corrosion wood floors, engineering projects, garden landscapes, anti-corrosion wood balcony flower racks, etc. for us to rest and appreciate the natural scenery. It is an ideal raw material for anti-corrosion wood floors, landscape gardens, wooden swings, entertainment projects, plank roads, etc. In addition, the anti-corrosion wooden pavilion is also a common engineering building, which has high practical significance and ornamental value. However, after the construction of the project, the parts of the building must be waxed to ensure that the internal wood will not be eroded and infested. What should be paid attention to in the waxing process? How to wax to ensure its use experience? Below, let's share with you a little compilation of anti-corrosion wood manufacturers.
    1. No more than two coats of paint shall be applied.
    2. If there is old paint on the surface of the wood of the anti-corrosion wooden pavilion, it shall be clean.
    3. Architectural coatings shall not be mixed, and shall not be used as finishing paint or primer on anti-corrosion wooden pavilions.
    4. Under the medium air relative humidity of 20 ℃, the drying time should be about 4 hours. After 12 hours, it can be applied by hand. After about 15 hours, it should be down-to-earth. The manufacturer of antiseptic wood kindly reminds that the drying time should be appropriately increased for the wood with high vegetable oil content, as well as the low temperature and wet construction conditions.
    5. The actual effect of hydrophilicity can be achieved after drying; It takes about half a month to improve the strength after painting, and 3-4 days to rub the strength.
    The above is a small compilation of anti-corrosion wood manufacturers to summarize several common problems in the waxing of anti-corrosion wood pavilions. In the specific construction process, attention should be paid to the above problems. In daily use, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the pavilions, so that they can ensure the service life of the pavilions in more aspects.
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